Guitar Lessons Southampton & Other Services

In-Person 1-2-1 Guitar Lessons in Southampton:

* due to COVID19, all in-person guitar lessons are currently suspended. Please contact me for more info.



Online 1-2-1 Guitar Lessons and Training:

Remote 1-2-1 lessons and full access to all online guitar lessons, guitar training and, the best bit, guided guitar practice sessions. A lower-cost alternative to private lessons with me and all the amazing, added bonuses. Make progress with your guitar practice and playing with plans starting for less than £1 a day! Become either a Monthly Member or Weekly Warrior of Jimmy's Guitar Gym.


Songwriting and Creating Guitar Parts for Your Project:

Hit a dead-end with your demos? Writers block stopping you from getting started or finishing that song?

If you need help writing/arranging guitar parts for your songs, programming MIDI, or even help with creating a song from scratch, then I can help you. Prices depend on the size and complexity of project. I'm also available for collaboration on metal/hardcore projects. Please contact me and we can have a chat! 


Tab Transcriptions and Song Lesson Videos: 

I know how frustrating it is with the amount of inaccurate tabs and lessons out there! Let me take the hard work out of it for you with personalised tab transcriptions and/or video lessons of songs you want to learn!